Laser Procedures

laser procedures at Lowe DermatologyWhat can Lowe Dermatology Laser Procedures do for you? Want glowing skin? Ready to turn back the clock a bit ? Ready to get rid of a few extra wrinkles that showed up out of nowhere? We've got you covered! Our laser procedures are designed to get you treatment easily for your problem areas. Our lasers can help with:

  • Uneven skintone
  • Dark spots / age spots / sunspots
  • Rosacea or Melasma
  • Finelines and wrinkles
  • Sagging or lax skin
  • Acne and other scars
  • Spider Vein Removal
  • Laser Hair Removal

One of the reasons that we like our laser procedures so much, is that it is healing for the skin. We often spend so much time outside in the sun, that our skin can become damaged fairly easily. Removing the skin damage is healthy and promotes new skin production - all while making us look more healthy and often, younger!


Call us about improving your skin with Laser Procedures

IPL1We use the Cutera Laser System that has been one of the industry leaders in shaping aesthetic technology. Because the Cutera V+ has two wave technologies, it has the ability to treat a number of concerns for all skin types. Call us today to talk about improving your skin. Our lead Laser Technician, Kaci Miller, can help you choose the right laser procedure and get you on the schedule.