Fall In Love With Your Skin Again

Did the days of summer leave your skin lackluster? Wipe the slate clean with a new fall routine. Just like your wardrobe, your skincare needs a seasonal refresh. Fall is the perfect time to boost your exfoliation, incorporate richer moisturizers, repairative serums, and targeted treatments to reform your skin and keep it looking its best.

For many of us, the end of summer leaves our skin feeling a bit dry and flaky. We’ve probably spent a bit too much time in the sun or in the swimming pool, and our delicate skin just doesn’t like the dryness that the sun and chemicals leave behind. Fortunately, eliminating dryness is fairly easy to accomplish. If your not sure what you should be using, give us a call for some recommendations.

Your facial skin is a bit different, however. Sun damage on your face and your decolletage can not only leave you feeling more aged, damaged skin can give way to precancerous cells. That’s one good reason you should always have an end of summer ipl-2checkup!

When it comes to anti-aging and improving the appearance of your facial skin, IPL treatments (laser intense pulsed light) can dramatically improve the surface appearance and the deep layers that promote healing. IPL can reduce dark spots, erase fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture, reduce pore size, lighten sun-induced freckles, and reduce the symptoms of rosacea, birthmarks, unsightly veins, acne scarring and other blemishes. You’ll be amazed at the difference after only 1 treatment, however most people will want to purchase a package of 3 or more treatments.