BotoxBotox and dermal fillers are an excellent way to turn back the clock with minimal downtime. Over time, the combination of skin changes and facial muscle contraction causes wrinkles to become imprinted in our skin. When the underlying fat, water, and collagen begin to deteriorate, these wrinkles often turn into unattractive sags and folds. But, todays injectables change all that! Known as a "Liquid Facelift", these injectables can make a huge difference in the way your skin looks. While both Botox and Dermal Fillers have their individual uses, it is rather common to use them in conjunction with each other to get the most positive results. Check out our Gimme Sugars for even more information!


  • Botox Cosmetic is a wrinkle relaxant (like Xeomin & Dysport) that targets muscles that cause creases and lines in the forehead, near the eyes, around the mouth and chin. Our signature Botox injection treatment is a favorite among clients of all ages. By ‘freezing’ the muscles that cause skin to wrinkle, it not only softens and minimizes existing wrinkles, but has even been shown to reduce the development of wrinkles for years to come.  Thanks to the expertise of our specialists at Lowe Dermatology, clients may now enjoy these benefits at a nearby location, with the safety and assurance that only an experience specialist can offer.It can also be used for lifting the eyebrows and the corners of the mouth. ? Want glowing skin?

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers work to restore volume that has been lost over time. If you're seeing lines and folds around your nose, beside your mouth, or those pesky fine lines around your lips, you may want to consider a dermal filler. People who notice sunken hollows under their eyes can also get a lift with dermal filler.

Dermal filler injections from the Botox clinic in Oklahoma City take only minutes, are practically painless, and rarely require downtime. Our hyaluronic acid fillers are fully natural–in fact, this material occurs within the human body.
Lowe Dermatology is pleased to offer our customers the revolutionary new cheek filler known as Juvederm Voluma™ XC. Brought to us by the makers of the #1 family of dermal filler products, this injectable gel is the first and only filler of its kind to be approved by the FDA to minimize the effects of aging on your cheeks. We also offer a other dermal fillers. Let us help you pick the one that is best for you!

If you are tired of looking older than you are, and miss the radiant and firm look your face once had, then dermal fillers are the effortless and lasting way to undo the appearance of years of aging. Results from a single treatment last several months (generally 18 months and in some cases longer) and often stimulate improved collagen content for several years. Got 30 minutes? You can get rid of 5-10 years! Treatments usually take only half an hour, and can easily accommodate your hectic schedule.

Don't forget to ask how Botox and Dermal Fillers rejuvenate & restore fullness in areas that have excess wrinkling or deep creases.

Laser Procedures

Don't forget to check out our laser procedures to get the most of your skin restoration. These procedures can treat a variety of skin disorders and change the surface of your complexion. Deep treatments can also restore collagen lost over time. Learn more here...


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